Trace for Surf and Snow

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October 30, 2013
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Trace for Surf and Snow


Meet the Future of Surfing.

Trace is a small sensor that attaches directly to your board and tracks your surfing. The free Trace Surf app syncs with Trace and gives you an instant summary and in-depth analysis of your session. Relive those epic sessions with GPS maps, wave count, top speed, calories burned, top speed, biggest turn, and much more. Have a GoPro? Trace automatically edits your entire day of GoPro footage to just the highlights — no editing required.

Good surfing starts with a good bottom turn

Trace is the only product that can help you improve your bottom turns. A good bottom turn will generate speed, help you position on the face of the wave, and engage rail on your top turn. Trace tells you all this and more. And then Trace shows you how that translates into your top turn: How much you’re wrapping the board around, how much rail you bury, and how vertical your board gets.

Just turn it on and go.

Trace mounts directly to your skis or snowboard, providing you with the most accurate data ever recorded in the snow. After the success of the free version of our app, Trace Snow, we decided to make a device solely devoted to tracking your session. With more advanced inertial and GPS sensors and a full day’s battery life, you’ll be able to accurately track every run better than ever before.

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