Why I Paddle?

I paddle for the amazing sunsets and spectacular sunrises that grace my outings. I paddle for that first wave, that first glide! I was hooked so hard that I went out paddle surfing for the next 30 days, until I could actually say that I was not a kook. I paddle for the great friendships that I enjoy during my paddling adventures. I paddle for that old Grumman canoe we launched through the surf again and again until she finally broke in two. I paddle for the thrill of the pursuit and the joy of the catch during my fishing adventures. I paddle for that first sip of Chai tea after loading the up the truck on a cool autumn morning. I paddle to train hard and get the best work out available in the great outdoors. I paddle for the time I was lectured by my instructor for not wearing my PFD during my first open water crossing to Gardiners Island. I paddle to get away from the pressures of work and family and enjoy quiet time in my own space. I paddle for the river trips, when we flipped our boats in the rapids, and our camping gear dumped everywhere from here to kingdom come. I paddle to race and challenge myself to be the best that I can be. I paddle for the thumping sound of pounding surf on the south side beaches while I try to get to sleep. I paddle to learn from the best in the paddle sports industry and continue to evolve my personal paddling journey. I paddle for the time we launched a leaky Dory boat into the icy bay in December and as she sank like a rock we scrambled back to shore like a bunch of frozen, wet surf rats. I paddle to experience the perfection of the most amazing down winders along our beautiful ocean beaches, gliding along the shoreline on peeling Southwest swells. I paddle to teach and share what I have learned in over 40 years on the water. I paddle for the time my board blew off the truck and floated down gently on the shoulder of the road. I paddle to seek out my own surf breaks and ride countless, off shore waves with no one else in site. I paddle to try out the latest gear, the best boats, boards and paddles, whenever I can. I paddle to spend time on the water with my lovely wife and family. I paddle for the countless wipeouts, shore slams, chute bumps and injuries that come from a lifetime of extreme water sports. The pain of these injuries is nothing compared to the drudgery of not being on the water. Mostly I paddle for fun and to feel young at heart. Perhaps the most compelling reason that I paddle for these days is to enjoy the hot shower, healthy meal and warm bed that awaits me after a rigorous and rewarding day of paddling.

Paddle Hard, Be Safe.






  1. reefwarriors says:

    could not have said it better. friends, family, sunsets, paddling makes it all better.

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